Electric Insulation Tape
Electric Insulation Tapes are used to safeguard electrical wires against external damages caused by harsh weather. These high temperature protected tapes are water proof. These cost effective insulation materials can be availed in different color choices.
Double Sided Tape
Cotton made Double Sided Tapes are used as suitable packaging materials for their good bonding property. These are completely protected against chemical corrosion. High viscosity gum of such products ensures about their long lasting quality.
Insulation Tape
This range of Insulation Tapes is known for its good thermal performance, chemical and high temperature proof design. These weather proof tapes are offered in 18 mm x 8 meter x 0.125 mm size.
PVC Tape
Offered collection of PVC Tapes is reckoned for its multipurpose role, abrasion and wear proof design. Light in weight, these tapes can be applied on irregular surface. These are non toxic by nature.
Reflective Tape
Offered Reflective Tapes feature micro prismatic marking based pattern that enhances their visibility level. Made of PVC and synthetic resin, these have clearly perceivable polymeric liner. Provided tapes are cost effective.
Industrial Packaging Tape
Provided Industrial Packaging Tapes are required for wrapping and binding purpose. These wear proof packaging solutions have good peeling properties, strong anti aging attributes and these do not produce bubble on applied surface.
Marking Tape
Provided Marking Tapes are protected against abrasion and high temperature. Known for their high tensile strength, these products are reckoned for damp and moisture proof quality. These cost effective products are anti static by nature.
Fire Resistance PVC Insulation Log Rolls Tape
Fire Resistance PVC Insulation Log Rolls Tapes use high viscosity adhesive to bond materials. These possess excellent thermal attributes. High elasticity level, non toxic content and odor  free quality are their other features.
Provided BOPP Tapes are used for sealing and packaging purpose. These anti static tapes can endure wide temperature range and their mechanical strength deserves praise. These are aging proof and can resist low temperature.
Duct Tape
Provided Duct Tapes are known for their unique holding attributes, acid and alkali proof design. These recyclable quality materials can be torn easily. These tapes possess unique anti bacterial properties.
Polyimide Tape
Polyamide Tapes are known for their high temperature resistant design and good thermal performance. These are solvent protected and possess unique radiation resistant attributes. These tapes can be removed easily.
Paper Tape
Provided range of Paper Tapes is made of standard grade kraft paper. These recyclable quality tapes have good adhesion attributes. High tensile strength and moisture proof design are their main features.
Polyester Tape

Our Polyester Tape is a high-quality adhesive tape designed for a range of industrial applications. It features a durable polyester film backing that resists tearing and provides excellent chemical and abrasion resistance. The tape has a strong adhesive that ensures a secure hold on a variety of surfaces.

Butyl Tape

The Butyl Tapes are highly durable, waterproof adhesive tapes. They are easy to apply, seal effectively and provide excellent resistance to UV, weather, and corrosion. The tapes are versatile and suitable for a range of applications, including roofing, plumbing, and automotive repairs.

Anti Skid Tape

Anti Skid Tapes are adhesive tapes designed to provide a slip-resistant surface, enhancing safety in both residential and commercial settings. These tapes are durable, waterproof, and easy to apply to a variety of surfaces. They are ideal for use in high-traffic areas such as staircases, ramps, and walkways.

Aluminium Foil Tape

Aluminium Foil Tapes offer excellent thermal conductivity and heat resistance, making them ideal for high-temperature applications. They are also highly durable, waterproof and offer excellent resistance to chemicals and UV radiation. These tapes are easy to apply and suitable for use in HVAC, automotive, and aerospace industries.

Adhesive Cotton Tape

Our Adhesive Cotton Tapes are made from premium quality cotton, making them highly durable and resistant to tearing. They offer excellent adhesion, making them suitable for a wide range of applications, including medical, sports, and automotive. The tapes are breathable and hypoallergenic, making them ideal for sensitive skin.



Water Paper Tape

Water Paper Tapes are known for their excellent water resistance and durability. They are made from high-quality kraft paper and feature a water-activated adhesive that provides a strong, long-lasting hold. These tapes are ideal for sealing boxes and cartons in humid or wet environments.

Surface Protection Tape

Surface Protection Tapes are designed to protect surfaces from damage during transportation, storage, and construction. They are highly durable, easy to apply, and offer excellent resistance to abrasion, chemicals, and UV radiation. These tapes are suitable for use on a range of surfaces, including glass, metal, and plastics.

Industrial PVC Log Roll

The Industrial PVC Log Roll is a long, continuous roll of PVC tape that is designed for industrial applications. It features a pressure-sensitive adhesive that provides a strong, reliable hold on a variety of surfaces. The tape is durable and resistant to tearing, making it ideal for heavy-duty applications.

Nylon Tape

Nylon Tapes are highly versatile and suitable for a range of applications. They are strong, durable, and offer excellent resistance to abrasion and tearing. These tapes are ideal for use in the automotive, aerospace, and construction industries, where strength and reliability are essential.

Mastic Tape

Mastic Tapes are high-performance adhesive tapes designed for sealing and insulation applications. They feature a thick layer of mastic adhesive that provides excellent protection against moisture, corrosion, and environmental factors. These tapes are highly durable, easy to apply, and suitable for use in industrial and construction settings.

Night Glow Tape

Night Glow Tape is a specialized adhesive tape that emits a visible glow in low light conditions. It is commonly used for safety purposes, such as emergency equipment, and hazards. The tape is highly durable, easy to apply, and suitable for use in both indoor and outdoor settings.

Hair Wig Tape

Hair Wig Tape is used for securing wigs and hairpieces to the scalp. It is made from a high quality adhesive that is gentle on the skin but provides a strong, secure hold. The tape is easy to apply and remove, making it ideal for daily wear.


Cotton NWP Tape

The Cotton NWP Tape is a highly versatile material, suited for various applications in many industries. The tape has good strength, high flexibility and high durability. The tape is free of latex and boasts of high tensile strength as well as excellent endurance.

Cotton Friction Tape

Cotton friction tape supplied by us has provides protection from abrasion as well as sharp edges. This is suited for heavy-duty binding, harnessing and bundling. Its low stretch and high break strength makes it perfect for heavy duty jobs.

Stretch Film

The Stretch Film can be used for stretch wrapping purpose. The film can be used for several factories as well as product manufacturers to so to keep the products securely packaged and safe.

Copper Tape

We offer Copper tape, which is suited for cable wrapping, electro-static shielding and discolored glass work. This tape is chemically resistant and is easy in use. It is also oat for crafts as well as domestic applications.

Filament Tape

The Filament tape we deal in suited for heavy-duty packaging as well as sealing of several citrons and boxes, holding heavy or bulky items. It has good tensile strength and boasts of effortless use.


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